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Melanie Waldron -

Registered Massage Therapist

Melanie Waldron, MRT(N), RMT - Registered Massage Therapist

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Melanie is no stranger to hard work. She has been a healthcare professional since 1994.

She is a passionate massage therapist with the ability to combine her strong technical assessment skills with her kind and empathetic patient care. She will take the time to investigate your pain, injury or discomfort and provide you with a personal treatment plan, involving both therapeutic massage and relaxing, soothing massage techniques.

Melanie graduated with distinction from TriOS College in Hamilton, Ontario in 2020. She is also certified in Thai massage and Thai foot reflexology. She is a massage therapy tutor and sits on the professional Advisory Committee for massage therapy education.

“I know what it is like to work long hours, to push myself, leading to chronic pain and fatigue. I know how hard we all work and my journey has taught me about the importance of self-care.”

Melanie’s love for science and strong work ethic built her a successful career in nuclear medicine pharmacy. She has taken that same focus and drive and applied it to helping her clients with massage therapy.

When Melanie is not working, she can be found walking the Bruce Trail, climbing the escarpment stairs or baking homemade breads and pizza.

"Healing science with compassionate touch"

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From Nuclear Medicine to Massage


Melanie's love for chemistry and biology led her to a successful career in nuclear pharmacy after completing the program for Nuclear Medicine Technology at the Michener Institute at UHN in Toronto, Ontario in 1994. She started with Mallinckrodt Medical in 1994 and worked for DuPont Pharma, Bristol Myers Squibb, Lantheus Medical Imaging and the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization.

Through the span of her career, Melanie manufactured both Single Photon Emitting Computerized Tomography imaging (SPECT) agents as well at Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging agents. She also managed these laboratories most of her career and functioned as Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). Melanie has had the pleasure of training some of the best technologists in the industry and collaborated with quality assurance, regulatory and engineering.

Consistent long hours and a regular overnight shift requirement led Melanie to pursuing her dream of becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. In 2018, she decided to make some big changes and personal sacrifices to be able to go back to school to achieve her dream. With the support of her family she made her dream a reality in 2021.

The positron symbol in the Emitting Wellness logo as well as the name "Emitting" are both ways to remember her past in nuclear pharmacy. The logo also includes the human body as well as the healing hands of massage therapy.





Melanie now and with her classmate and co-worker Katie, who Melanie carried on her back to represent the 107 lbs that she lost by the end of her massage therapy program


The journey of self-care


Since puberty, Melanie has always struggled with her weight. Her busy career did not leave much time for self-care, proper nutrition and exercise. Melanie did not want to start her career as a massage therapist as a person that did not take the time for her own health.

Melanie decided to make some big changes when she started school in 2018. She always loved nutritious food but limited her portions and tracked her calorie intake. She also decided to start walking to school, which was a 2 kilometre walk each way and involved the escarpment stairs that was the equivalent to about 11 flights of stairs. From there, she grew a love for walking and hiking and those stairs and slowly increased the times that she took the stairs. Soon, Melanie was climbing all 6 sets of escarpment stairs and doing many flights, routinely walking more flights than the CN tower several times a week. Melanie tracked what she ate but did not follow any fad diets and she made sure to work in regular treats that she enjoys such as chocolate and her homemade pizza. Melanie slowly conquered her tendency to binge eat and her all or nothing mentality when it came to the food she ate. She learned how to eat for the rest of her life, making it a new lifestyle and something that she could adhere to for the rest of her life.

With losing more than 100 pounds in 2 years, Melanie has now learned the lifestyle of eating in moderation as well as pushing herself to continue to grow in her fitness level. Several times a week, Melanie does long distance walking, hiking, escarpment stairs and incline walking. She also challenges her muscles with her self-designed full-body strength exercises about 6 hours per week total on an every other day schedule. She is now "fine tuning" herself to continue to build muscle while reducing body fat to be in a lower athletic body fat range.

Not only does Melanie feel better overall, she has improved her stamina and strength which all help her career as a massage therapist.


Melanie, during her journey - beginning of school 2018, mid way through in 2019 and then in 2020


















Dealing with the Covid-19 Restrictions


Melanie was about mid way through school when the Covid-19 virus hit the world. Classes turned to on-line learning and practical classes were shut down. Her school was able to return to practical classes and massage clinic with restrictions but not with in class learning. On-line learning was a challenge but Melanie was self-driven and made it work. 

Covid-19 extended Melanie's school and registration process by an entire 8 months and left her dependent on the support of her family to make ends meet due to having very little hours at her job while in school.

Melanie is grateful for all of the support she had throughout this entire process from her family, friends and instructors.

The pandemic made for some fun graduation photos also!!