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Contact Melanie Waldron at for information about tutoring and/or preparation for the CMTO massage therapy exams.

Tutoring is provided on a case by case basis and compensation can be negotiated and massage exchange or exchange for other services is considered.

I can help with practical testing and exam practice, help with massage therapy program content, preparation for written exam, help with notes, understanding of assessments and anything else you may need help with.


Some free notes are available at the links below and more will be added, so check back soon!!


MCQ written exam prepartion

  • MCQ questions are often multi-level questions (you need to know 2-3 concepts in order to answer the question) and you need to be able to put together all of your knowledge that you learned in your massage therapy program in order to be successful

  • Much emphasis is placed on treatments, remedial exercise and assessment tests

  • You need to know your muscles with the nerves, actions, origins and insertions very well

  • Know the joints of the body very well, as well as the ligaments and structures within the joint

  • Know your cranial nerves very well


CMTO MCQ practice questions - part 1 **

CMTO MCQ practice questions - part 2 **



**Email Melanie for the answer key once you have had a chance to go over the questions







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